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Re: A midwest loopfest?

I'm in Southwest Ontario, north and about halfway between Buffaloo and Detroit. I would certainly be interested in somthing I could get to with only a day or two driving time. There maybe some possibility of venues in Toronto (the Ping?) or Guelph or Kitchener (what do you think Ted?) I'm not too sure what sort of crowds we could get out but I do think one or two small venues could be found.


Paul Haslem


Ontario, Canada



On 31 Oct 2013 23:53, Rejyna MDW wrote:

Hello all,
First, I must thank Rick, Noah and the whole lot of you for the best time of my life on the Looptober Tour!  WOW!!!
A looping Facebook friend, Bryan Russell, suggested doing some multi-artist looping based show(s) in and around Dayton. There plans to do a loopfest in SoCal next year, as well as satellite fests all over the globe. How about a Mid-West loopfest? Dayton or Columbus? Cincy or Indianapolis? Cleveland or ...
How many artists would want to do a 30-40 min. live looping set in the MidWest sometime next year?  I know Jim Volk and Michael Kelsey swing a mean looper, and I'd be willing to head home for some shows - - -
Also would be nice if the schedule was somewhat coordinated with the other satellite fests - 
Chime in here or at the FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/midwestloopfest/
Peace all,