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Re: Footswitch for Memory Man with Hazarai?

2013/11/1 Matthias Grob <matilists@gmail.com>
to make it a toggeling switch should be possible but needs investigation and probably is not possible passive, which means that you also have to extract supply from the box or build a little pcb into the box…

Perhaps I don't understand the point here, but why wouldn't it be possible to turn it into a toggling switch?

The switch is obviously momentary, and if you hold it, it does record/overdub as long as you hold it, so replacing the switch with a latching one should make record/overdub latching,  or am I missing something?

(fyi: the reason it's made that way is that the same switch is also used for tap tempo, meaning short press = tap, long press = record/overdub (sus)).

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