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Re: Cutting Time

On most DAWs this process is called "cut". Sometimes "global cut", in
case the command is to affect several tracks. In a DAW the CUT process
brings the snippet into the buffer so you can paste in somewhere else
on the music's time line and this is different from live looping. In
live looping we just want to annihilate a slice, get rid of it for
ever, and splice together the two cuts seamlessly.

CUT is not fully descriptive, but it is short and does not interfere
with other existing processes in live looping. Has anyone suggested
ERASE? The word itself implies that it's not about deleting the whole
shebang, so therefore I think ERASE is just as good as CUT. Maybe
ERASE is a snip better, since it can't fool anyone into erroneously
think that it is about the usual cut-and-paste that we use every day
with computers (ctr/cmd X).

We do cut out a snippet in live looping but only to annihilate that
slice and not to paste it in somewhere.

If comparing with traditional DAW sampling vocabulary (that draws on
the tape cutting and splicing at IRCAM by the late fifties and on) we
also have TRIM and TRUNCATE that a.f.a.i.k. mean the same, in essence
the exact opposite to the process we're talking about in this thread.


But HEY - here's an idea for yet another very useful live looping
process! Maybe some nifty programmer can create a live looping
function for CUT-AND-PASTE that works like a linked pair of CUT and
INSERT? Scramble in LP1 does that by random and in Mobius we have
scripting support for random and musically systematic cut-n-insert.
Many times when playing I have been missing the option to kick a pedal
to cut out a sub cycle (and have the gap spliced together) and then
kick another pedal (or the same if using a dual command button switch)
to have the loop cut, widened and the snipped pasted in right there.
Strange that it doesn't exist in any existing looper yet, isn't it? I
do it a lot when editing recordings but it would be so fun to cut and
paste in real-time on looping audio.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 10:21 AM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> 
> Matthias Grob wrote:
>> so what should Unsert do then?
>> :-)
> I thought
> Unsert = opposite of Insert
> but only if
> Undo = opposite of Do
> maybe better to say
> "Outsert" for taking out a a piece of time from the loop.
> what about
> Indo
> Undont
> andy