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Re: E-Bow

Hi Charles, thanks for making the subject live, although I may still 
disagree on some points

"Not true.  Correlation does not imply causation.  The ebow isn't changing 
it's response,  frequency response of the pickup changes as you go from 
off axis to on axis. The sound is much "brighter" when you're over the 
poles. You can prove this by rotating a pickup away from the string, the 
tone gets duller.  The ebow generates a lot of harmonics due to the 
clipping of the internal amplifier and the low inductance of the drive 

Not what I said. I was merely underlining the very interactive effect of 
using the E-bow on different part of the pick up which change with  pick 
up (for example single coil vs humbucker). Indeed does the E-bow work the 
same way, still, type of pick up will - to the same technique- will 
generate different effects. It reflects the interaction with said mick and 
playing technique. Which does not mean the E-bow works differently. But 
resulst are way different.

"Also false.  The "sweep arpeggio bowing" effect simply relies on the 
internal distortion of the ebow amplifying the slight vibration of the 
string and the motion of the ebow over the poles (causing the same 
brightening effect mentioned above), the strings are not excited by the 
ebow in this case, but by tapping with the left hand."

Untrue. I strongly differ here. It works simply with fingering a chord and 
then applying the Ebow. No left hand tapping required here. You can try 
yourself. The strings are excited by the E-bow, and reach immediately 
there resonance peak, which is the fingered not + clipping.