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Re: FaceBook and vidos

I like this post :-)
I do not feel at home at FB either
seems for the next generation of young people its out.

I did not quite understand what the problem is to post videos here… and 
why you watch them on FB?
I just enjoyed Quadropede a LOT!

On 6.Nov2013, at 4:49 PM, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> wrote:

> The list is the thing for me... 
> But for years the list missed one thing.. being able to post videos and 
> songs, and thats what FB is so good at... So if someone posts a vid 
> here, Ill watch it on FB, but if they ONLY post on FB, then I don't 
> bother.. theres too much other distractions there.. Ill wander off and 
> start looking at the top 25 most disgusting pets, or videos of the 10 
> fastest shredders (for a laugh). Anyway the conversational intercourse 
> here on Loopers Delight Listserv is a tad more erudite than its blue 
> bannered trailer park cousin.
> At FB its more like...
> Heres my latest vid .. dig it?
> cool
> you nailed that looper
> I respect your licks
> Heres a video of a farting panda
> great song brother, sorry I missed you at YK299b
> me too
> me three
> :)
> :)
> :)
> Mark