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Re: FaceBook and vidos + Quadropede and "good" looping

> if someone posts a vid here, Ill watch it on FB, but if they ONLY post 
> on FB

That's kind of a ridiculous position. More importantly, and I'm no expert 
on copy write law, but I can tell you that of the common services out 
there and based on passed peeks into the license agreements back when I 
cared more, Facebook may own that content once you post it there. The 
other's may too by now, I don't know, these things shift, but it's 
something to be aware of.

> I just enjoyed Quadropede a LOT!

I thought of a new thing to say about them that helps make the point I 
sometimes, like now, feel compelled to make here for the sake of 
philosophical conversation (and because it bothers me to hear feedback 
without specifics...) a different way of putting it as regards that 
delicate balance act of looping and how "good" it the final product really 
is... looping must be wielded like a weapon or a tool... active rather 
then passive. When it becomes too passive it runs the risk of failing as 
something I, at any rate, actually want to hear. Anyway, Quadroped 
definitely does that well. Active, intentional use looping. Like how their 
2nd song starts as a minimalist song would, at least with the guitar, but 
that's just a starting point. They don't get stuck there. (I know, then 
its not minimalism, you say, but it's that SOUND and that's what is 
awesome about minimalism at its best, so just take that part, which is 
what they did.)

Clearly I don't want to work this afternoon so I am waxing philosophical. 
Hopefully someone finds it interesting or useful. Apologies if not. Back 
to work I go. 


On Nov 6, 2013, at 4:00 PM, Matthias Grob wrote:

> I like this post :-)
> I do not feel at home at FB either
> seems for the next generation of young people its out.
> I did not quite understand what the problem is to post videos here… and 
> why you watch them on FB?
> I just enjoyed Quadropede a LOT!
> On 6.Nov2013, at 4:49 PM, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> wrote:
>> The list is the thing for me... 
>> But for years the list missed one thing.. being able to post videos and 
>> songs, and thats what FB is so good at... So if someone posts a vid 
>> here, Ill watch it on FB, but if they ONLY post on FB, then I don't 
>> bother.. theres too much other distractions there.. Ill wander off and 
>> start looking at the top 25 most disgusting pets, or videos of the 10 
>> fastest shredders (for a laugh). Anyway the conversational intercourse 
>> here on Loopers Delight Listserv is a tad more erudite than its blue 
>> bannered trailer park cousin.
>> At FB its more like...
>> Heres my latest vid .. dig it?
>> cool
>> you nailed that looper
>> I respect your licks
>> Heres a video of a farting panda
>> great song brother, sorry I missed you at YK299b
>> me too
>> me three
>> :)
>> :)
>> :)
>> Mark