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Re: Footcontroling of the Elektrix Repeater

On 21/11/2013 00:30, Rick Walker wrote:
*thanks so much for that Simeon.

I haven't dusted off my Repeater in a while but am suddenly longing for 
those three chromatic octaves
of loop tuning that it affords with my WX-7 Wind Controller.

I sorely wish that IVL didn't control the patents on that stuff.

I imagine an LP-1 with the function.

Evoloop should have this, with midi-note and midi-pitchbend
controlling playback rate.
Only it would be over 10 Oct...with good fidelity over +1, -2 octaves.
The code for that was written and tested.

With the LP1 it would be easy enough for it to respond
to Note-On over it's current 2 oct range.
However the speed change algorithm in the LP1 would need
updating to make it worthwhile...a *lot* of work to get
that glitch free and almost certainly doomed to 
as it would be more for the already stressed processor to cope with.


to hear a Repeater responding to note-On here's Bill Walker


although he's using an arpeggiator to control it.

thanks,  Rick Walker

*On 11/19/2013 2:01 AM, Simeon Harris wrote:
i would also suggest that if you haven't already, you upgrade the firmware 
(check out the included manual to see what extra features you get...it's 
well worth it, especially as you'll have lots of new knobs and buttons to 
play with!)

here's a link -http://www.simeonharris.co.uk/repeater_softs.zip