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Re: Re: Re: Footcontroling of the Elektrix Repeater

On 11/21/2013 3:18 AM, Per Boysen wrote:
On the Repaeter, press one of the buttons at the top to select one of
the loop's four channels. When in that mode it's pitch and time
stretching engine follows MIDI Note input.

Feeding it CC#14 is also fun. But since the control data is hardwired
into the Repeater's firmware you need to read the manual first and
find out what data to feed it and then adapt your controlling gear to
match that.
Yes, when I was using the Repeater a lot, I finally had to use an Edirol UM-550 to filter the midi data from the WX-7 to keep it from making the Repeater fail because it was picking up too much midi information (the WX-7 sends velocity, pitch and extra midi messages that correspond
to embouchure tightness).