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Re: Strange EDP SusSub thingy

I have triple checked The note off. weirdly if i set the pedal to do a
regular insert, and set the insert mode to sub, ( + 8ths + quantise
on) it works as expected, the typical 8 note sequencer sound. But
setting it to direct midi, substitute, doesnt work! This is annoying,
as I dont want to have to change presets for this effect, as i tend to
use presets simply as different 8th note settings...

BUT! I have another problem, cant believe its related tho.
After power up, ONE of my edps has feedback set to 0, and plays a loop
only once, I have tried to save a preset with feedback set to 127, and
I can change presets and back again and keep this setting. Plus all
other settings in that preset are retained. BUT after a restart, it
always reverts to feedback =0!! I thought it may be a battery, but as
I  say all other settings seem to be ok!

As the 2 edps are linked via brother, it might be that one is
affecting the other... but I don't know.
I also can't say when this started happening, and if it's the same
time as my other problem.


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> On 24 Nov 2013, at 13:02, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
> The symptoms point to a lack of (or incorrect) Note-Off
> in the second message stream
> andy
> ps. didn't see this post before
>> On 23/11/2013 19:23, mark francombe wrote:
>> Is it OK to bump this?
>> Andy??? Mathias?
>> Ive been trying all sorts of things for 3 hours now.. cant figure it 
>> out!!
>> Problem follows...
>> On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 11:48 PM, mark francombe 
>> <mark@markfrancombe.com <mailto:mark@markfrancombe.com>> wrote:
>>    Just been programming a few things into my Gordius, and suddenly 
>> realised that my Sus Substitute pedal wasn't working properly...
>>    Im sure it should be correctly programmed Ive tried both
>>    A# 10 SubstituteButton Virtually presses the “Substitute Button”
>>    and
>>    A# 22 SUSSubstitute Sustain Action Substitute
>>    Im sure theres something weird in the preset, but dont know what.
>>    This is whats happening. I can make a loop as normal with REC and 
>> OVERDUB and MULTIPLY no problem (mention that cos it might have been 
>> due to 0 feedback setting)
>>    But now I hit this Sus Sub pedal and sound stops dead, and I get 
>> exactly 1 repeat. Exactly like Ive gone into Overdub, but with Feedback 
>> reduced to 0...
>>    What is THIS???
>>    Mark
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