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Re: reducing "time to setup"--

On 06/12/2013 00:03, Amy X Neuburg wrote:

The most basic answer is: without any sort of "cheating" there is no way 
to minimize the ramp-up,

while I disagree with the above.......

So my best advice is to think carefully about each individual layer to 
make sure it is in itself musical.

.....that's  spot on.
( worth applying to non-looped music too! )

Plus learn to go directly into overdub without waiting for the layers to "go 
that makes a big difference.

Apart from that there's any number of techniques, but the main one for
a more regular type structure is this:-

 Depending on the capability of your looper, the early layers can be much 
shorter in length
    than the "final loop"
    for example:-
           i) record a one bar rhythm (percussion)
           ii) record a 2 bar bass line, simple enough to underpin a more 
complex harmony
           iii) then you can add a chordal part 16bars, 32 bars ...whatever

        If the looping device is so designed it lets you do all that on
        just one loop, using something called "Multiply" or "Re-Sample".
        Otherwise it's necessary add loops to get that.

Also  just take time to check out some of the guys on this list and note 
how *they* do it.
    Usually this means some kind of interaction with technology...the loop 
device gets to be an instrument.

You can also cheat,

It's just my own aesthetic here, but if you're going to pre-record 
significant bits
why not just pre record all of it?

In putting out my songs on CD I occasionally shorten the lead-in time

To edit a loop performance for repeated listening is not uncommon.

My way too many cents.

not at all...appreciated