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Re: Help with finding a looper?

Thanks for the kind words on the tunes :) And thanks much for the info. I figured the octave/reverse stuff would be too much to ask :) I don't have the room on the floor to enable midi (5 more ex peds! Yikes!) sadly so I reach over and lower the volume with a free hand lol

The main thing I would wish for in the 2880, being able to set feedback to be active even on a track I am not overdubbing on. I do this in a limited way with the long delay mode on the Boss DD20.

As it is I would like to be able to go directly into overdub on the same track(s) because I only use the one stereo pair I have to do two clicks to get it. Either I have to press record or play. Play to close the loop and continue to overdub but it goes to the next pair which I don't want to do so I have to click track select to get back to it and go from there, not too smooth. Record to close the loop just stops it.

Once again I threaten to become a lappy looper! ;)

all the best,


On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 7:25 AM, <marc@clubcapelli.com> wrote:
Hi Jeff,

also use it in stereo so I have two pairs most of the time.

you know you can have 3 pairs, using the stereo mixdown track just like the other tracks

What I am wondering is if with midi control you gain more individual
control over the recorded loops. In other words can you
reverse/octave/fadeout one loop without having to do it to another
loop you are recording/playing?

yes, you can fade out the tracks because all the volume tracks can be controlled by midi, for exemple you can have 5 _expression_ pedals on your feet to realtime control the 5 tracks volume... (with a yamaha FCB footswitch for exemple) unfortunatly most of us have only 2 legs... :)

all the 2880 knobs can be controlled by midi, and MUCH more (excepted headphone volume and preamps knobs) like mute / unmute, solo... on the 45000, you can even direct access to all the loops in midi!...

I don't think you can reverse or octave one part without others in midi because they are all locked together, but I never tryed

(good musical stuff Jeff!)