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Re: Help with finding a looper?

As it is I would like to be able to go directly into overdub on the
same track(s) because I only use the one stereo pair I have to do two
clicks to get it. Either I have to press record or play. Play to close
the loop and continue to overdub but it goes to the next pair which I
dont want to do so I have to click track select to get back to it and
go from there, not too smooth. Record to close the loop just stops it.

Ok Jeff, I see.

This may help you : with a pedalboard (it can be a very small one, a simple pedal size with only 4 button for exemple, it exists), you can do all this in only one click on a switch :
ON CLICK of Switch 1 => send :
- PC 100 (Program Change 100) (equal send PLAY button)
- PC 106 (equal send Select track 1 for record (or 1 and 2 if stereo))

and that's all, it works...

you can see that we can select directly in one operation the track to record (1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or mixdown), wich cannot be done on the front panel of the 45000. This is because there are more features available with midi (like mute/unmute for exemple) than on the front panel of the looper. All the power of this looper is here!... the midi implementation is awesome on the 45000 and 2880!... you need a midi pedalboard wich accept to send 2 PC on 1 switch (most of them), for exemple this one : http://www.peak2005.com/j/midi-foot-controllers/15-fcb4n2-programmable-midi-foot-controller-ver20.html


(sorry if I write not very good in English... Greetings from France)