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EHX 2880 or 45000 users say it loud say it proud!

Hi folks,
I'm looking for a new looper.
I've seen some recommendations for the ehx 2880 or 45000.
But, when I look on youtube, the demos aren't as impressive.
They seem to be demonstrating just the "digital recorder, which loops
your song over and over" features.
My performance spaces and equipment don't always allow for stereo and
so I'm not going to be mixing my looped creation to perfection.

Can the ehx loopers do things like master sync, where one loop can be
used for percussion, and other loops started and stopped from their
beginnings, to create a song with verse/chorus layout?
Does it do any form of loop multiply, so I can play a 1 measure
percussion part, and then have that run under the rest of my loops?
Can I adjust the feedback so that the track will fade over time?

The ehx stuff sounds really great in terms of simplicity, but the
youtube videos haven't seemed to show all of it's potential.

So, if you own one, please let us know what you can do with it.

Thanks so much!