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Re: EHX 2880 or 45000 users say it loud say it proud!

Hi Rusty,

But, when I look on youtube, the demos aren't as impressive.
They seem to be demonstrating just the "digital recorder, which loops
your song over and over" features.

Yes, most of the users don't really understand about the power of midi with this looper, or don't really know what to do with midi automation. I think the problem is that most guitarists are such great artists, but not very familiar with the technology. Often they do not even read the manual.

I like this ones (EHX 2880, so only 1 loop, not 100, no verse/chorus...) :
he don't really use midi capability (except synchro), and only one loop (2880), but we can see how he works, and it's cool...

Can the ehx loopers do things like master sync, where one loop can be
used for percussion, and other loops started and stopped from their
beginnings, to create a song with verse/chorus layout?

Every loop (100 in one SD card) on the 45000 can be use like a part of a song, ie verse, chorus, intro, outro, bridge... Each loop is independent, and have its own duration, and it can be played one after each other without interruption, on the fly (like an Akai MPC for exemple). In one loop, you have 4 mono tracks (with realtime PAN & Volume each) + 1 stereo track. Every track can be played or muted on the fly. But every track on the loop are sealed, I mean you cannot play desynchronized tracks, for exemple the beginning of one track and at the same time the end of an other. As you finish to record the first track of a new loop, you have fixed the entire loop duration : you cannot record a second track using a most longer duration. And you cannot play 2 loops at the same time.
(i'm not sure it answer your question, but I try to)
In your exemple, you have to record the rythm on every loop. 2 loops cannot play at the same time, but rather one after the other.

Does it do any form of loop multiply

unfortunately not :(

Can I adjust the feedback so that the track will fade over time?

oh yes, and it's fun to use!... but only on overdub : each track have 2 states : play and overdub - in play mode, the fader control the volume of the track - in overdub mode, the fader control the feedback

The ehx stuff sounds really great in terms of simplicity, but the
youtube videos haven't seemed to show all of it's potential.
So, if you own one, please let us know what you can do with it.

I like the 2880 / 45000 concept, between multitrack recorder and looper, with pan, volume & mute. I appreciate the perfect midi sync and general midi capabilites.

Now I'm working on a full automated setup concept based on the midi : with sound mix automation, guitar FX presets, synth patchs, voice FX presets... controlled by a midi sequencer, to let the musician play without having to do technical things, except switching intro/verse/chorus... on the pedalboard.

Best Regards,