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Re: EHX 2880 or 45000 users say it loud say it proud!

The question of individual track replacement is an interesting one. In the Reggie Watts demonstration on youtube he appears to swap the bass line for a new one and then goes back to the original bass line without interrupting the groove.

How is this achieved on the 45000?


At 7:59 AM -0800 12/10/13, Rusty Perez wrote:
You know what? I gotta say that I would get this looper, but, I wish
you could have a master loop or track playing at the same time as the
other loops, like with the Boomerang III.
I really like the idea of having that master loop sync'd up with your
other loops.

The 45000 seems really really powerful, with individual control over
individual tracks and elements. I wish it had that one feature!
I suppose I could use a drum machine, but that complicates things more. :-)


On 12/10/13, Charles Zwicky <cazwicky@earthlink.net> wrote:
 Reggie Watts on the Electro Harmonix 45000:

 "One of the most Powerful things in the Universe"