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Re: EHX 2880 or 45000 users say it loud say it proud!

OK, went back and listened twice.
It sounds to me as though he starts creating a new loop at the first
break. He lays down beat and bass and  sings over that for a cycle or
two, then, keeps singing the same thing and goes back to the first
loop. You can hear that change because his little secondary rhythm
from the first loop was panned to one side.
Then, after a bit he switches back to loop 2 and sings, then, switches
back to loop 1, but mutes everything but his backing vocal, and then
brings the secondary beat and the primary beat and basss from loop 1
back in.
To my ears, I'm not sure that he ever plays tracks from both loops at
the same time, but I could be wrong.

Sure would be cool if it is possible to play tracks from two loops at
the same time. :-)


On 12/10/13, Charles Zwicky <cazwicky@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Reggie Watts on the Electro Harmonix 45000:
> "One of the most Powerful things in the Universe"
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gKWfvd-chA
> --
> ...
> http://www.zmix.net
> http://albumcredits.com/zmix