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Re: How to play bass track with guitar ?

I'm a guitarist and own a bass or two as well.

If in a performing situation I wanted to play bass from my guitar I would 
likely use my VG99 or GR1 before I used any pitch shifting effects.

The nice thing about the VG or GR stuff is you can also get "fretless" 
sounds out of them.

Even so, nothing quite sounds like the real thing.

Gimme a bass with flatwound strings anytime.



On Dec 11, 2013, at 3:25 PM, Marc wrote:

> Hi,
> On some loops, it can be cool to have a bass part with the drum on the 
> back,
> but switching from guitar to bass and return to guitar can be a little 
> too
> long on stage.
> Did you have a solution to play a bass part with your guitar ?
> (I've tried with my HOG, and with Octavers/Harmonizers, it is far from a
> bass sound, even a synth bass sound...)
> Roland VG ? 
> Sound to midi interface like http://www.sonuus.com/ G2M, connected in 
> midi
> with a expander ?
> All your knowledge is welcome.
> Marc