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Re: How to play bass track with guitar ?

HI Marc,

I use a GR-55 which has a number of great bass-esque sounds.

I was planning on doing a little audio demo for another thread at some 
point this week, so perhaps I'll do the bass thing too. :)

Thanks for a great thread.

Cara :)
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On Dec 11, 2013, at 3:25 PM, Marc <marc@clubcapelli.com> wrote:


On some loops, it can be cool to have a bass part with the drum on the 
but switching from guitar to bass and return to guitar can be a little too
long on stage.
Did you have a solution to play a bass part with your guitar ?
(I've tried with my HOG, and with Octavers/Harmonizers, it is far from a
bass sound, even a synth bass sound...)
Roland VG ? 
Sound to midi interface like http://www.sonuus.com/ G2M, connected in midi
with a expander ?
All your knowledge is welcome.