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Easy to use Software Looper?

I am not currently gigging, but would like to do some home recording via looping.  I have a Windows lap top with a Mackie Blackjack interface.

Is there something easy to use that would let me set up loops in real time and export them to Audacity on separate tracks?

What I am hoping to do is record the track live and edited the separate loops in mixing/mastering.

I am looking at the Mobius page right now, but it has to be dead easy.  I have Loopy HD on my iPad, but find that clunky using an iRig and no midi.  I am hoping there is something similar in function that I can simply control and export with the keyboard.

I am TOTALLY a new with software loopers.  I would be doing this solely for home recording and NOT live performance.  Thanks!!!
Mike Fugazzi