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Re: Easy to use Software Looper?

Hi Mike,

maybe you would like to check out this, you can record directly and mix the clips in Ableton with it:


I´m using it to create songs on the fly and have a project ready for remixing it if I want.

The most important this in this system is the control clips created in Ableton Live. They are buttons for controlling each looper (each looper is composed by two audio or midi tracks overdubbing between themselves).

If has functions like:

FLASH(record>play>overdub with automultiply)
UNDO(multiple undos)
AUTOVERDUB (you can begin with a short loop and on each press you record a new loop while automultiplying)
STOP(stop a looper or stop all)

You can assign any function to any number of clips, so you can have a full control on each looper or in all of them.
When you finish the jam, it´s all ready for the mix. You can export the session direcly as a WAV file to listen to it and you mix or remix it later if you want.

Take a look at the videos if you find it interesting.


I wanna create a hardware machine that has the same behaviour that this looping system. I´m just begining with C++. If anybody could help me with this or with the electronics it would be great :)


2013/12/13 Mike Fugazzi <mikefugazzi@gmail.com>
I am not currently gigging, but would like to do some home recording via looping.  I have a Windows lap top with a Mackie Blackjack interface.

Is there something easy to use that would let me set up loops in real time and export them to Audacity on separate tracks?

What I am hoping to do is record the track live and edited the separate loops in mixing/mastering.

I am looking at the Mobius page right now, but it has to be dead easy.  I have Loopy HD on my iPad, but find that clunky using an iRig and no midi.  I am hoping there is something similar in function that I can simply control and export with the keyboard.

I am TOTALLY a new with software loopers.  I would be doing this solely for home recording and NOT live performance.  Thanks!!!
Mike Fugazzi