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Re: signal path for two sources and my future boomerang III


I just got a rang and am faced with a similar situation except mine is 
much simpler, I only want to run two basses (upright & resophonic bass) I 
just got a tone bone "bass bone" by radial that has two ins on it.  Might 
be worth checking out some of the other stuff in the radial line up, they 
have a pretty cool looking "Swiss army" stereo di called the "JDI Duplex 
Stereo Direct Box" not sure if it's exactly what you need but might be a 
goo place to start.  


Steve Uccello

> On Dec 15, 2013, at 10:00 PM, Rusty Perez <rustys.lists@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm preparing for a future purchase of a boomerang.
> currently I only run my guitar through my looper,  but I want to run
> at least one more source through the looper.
> Here's my mixing setup.
> vocals, guitar, and percussion in to three chanels of my Yamaha
> StagePass system.
> The stagePass mixer has 7 ins, 4 mono xlr-1/4 chanels, and 3 stereo
> chanels. There is no effects loop, or monitor sends.
> I'd like to run at least two sources through the boomerang, my guitar
> and percussion.
> I have two thoughts. Some sort of splitter for guitar and percussion
> sending one in to the looper, and one in to a chanel of the mixer.
> then the output of the looper would go in to a free chanel on the
> mixer, but not pass live audio through the output, only looped audio.
> but, what kind of equipment can I use to split my guitar signal
> properly, and a mic signal properly?
> Is this making any sense at all?
> Or I could run my two sources in to left and right of the rang, and
> out to the mixer, almost effectively having a separate looper for each
> instrument. but then levels concern me because a mic will have
> different levels than my guitar preamp, and I don't think the rang can
> have separate levels for left and right.
> Also, another thought is to use a small mixer, tiny mixer, all sources
> in to the rang, then one source, maybe stereo, out to the mixer.
> any thoughts? Anyone using two or more sources through the rang and
> have some light to shed?
> thanks!
> rusty