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RE: Loopfests Need YOU!

I've posted this on the board but just to cover all the bases:

I'm in Los Angeles.  I'm planning on playing all the shows for the next Looptober mini-tour.  We drive 18 hours north to Seattle just to 'start' the journey.  I am planning on bringing my daughter again if she can take the time off.  We spent near $1000 on a large car and gas for that trip.  I would think it very possible to do shared rentals so loopers can do all the shows, can save some money AND see the sights you'll miss if you fly.

We stayed with some cool looper peeps in Seattle and Portland last year, not sure if those arrangements will be available this year yet.

A first question, as far as shared rentals for loopers, where will the international loopers be arriving?  

1) If they're landing/departing in LA, then a shared rental originating out of LA could work.
2) If they're landing/departing in Santa Cruz, I could meet there for a rental origination location
3) If they're landing/departing in different cities (i.e. arriving in Seatlle/departing SCruz or LA) then it will be a little more complicated but could work with 'shares' pro-rated for one-way riders.

Spoke will Bill Walker yesterday and we need to keep this discussion going while research can be done into options.  I suggest either a large van or one of the shuttle vans (12-16 passenger shuttle would fit 4-8 loopers and their gear).  Some rental companies don't allow one-way, some have per mile charges, others don't.  Some don't allow rentals to cross state lines.  Most don't accept cash or debit cards and usually, you have to have a sizable amount of unused credit to cover the deposit.  

Planes: not unless you don't mind 'livestock' conditions, gear damage and you don't want to see the beautiful views from Seattle to Los Angeles - awesome road trip experience!
Trains: Amtrak and local metro trains/buses - only for those with minimal gear who aren't offset by human odors and bunches of transfers.
Cars/Vans - imho, this is the ONLY way to do a west coast mini-tour, part of the fun is the amazing scenery along the 101 and 1 highways.  Also the best option for picking up shows between the loopfests if possible…

For several reasons, I don't like flooding this list with all the logistical stuff - so, I'm inclined to keep all these discussion to the loopergigs board, Facebook groups, private emails or phone calls.  My email and phone info is below.

Loop on,


From: rejyna@msn.com
To: loopers-delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Loopfests Need YOU!
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 14:25:24 -0800

Only 23 Loopers Have Joined THE PLACE For Those That Are Interested in Performing/Hosting or Volunteering at this years' US Satellite Loopfests…  There has to be more than 23 interested?!  

Please JOIN the board, chime in and help get the logistics sorted out.  


Sorry if you've seen this message before but I posted this on the FB walls of the Looping Groups and who knows if FB 'edge ranking algorithms' will even show the posts in your feeds…  FB is not what it used to be…

Pass it on and Peace to all,