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Re: Loopfests Need YOU! OT

1. Coffee.  You'll be in Seattle and Portland.  Coffee is awesome.  You
may as well be in Italy.
2.  Public transportation.  Planes, trains, buses, shuttles, taxis -
plenty to choose from, but this is America.  Get a car.  Trust me on this.
3. Seattle and Portland both have excellent transit IN town.  Mostly.
4.  It's a 3 hour drive from Portland to Seattle and 2.5 hours from
Seattle to Portland.  Why? I don't know. Having done that drive hundreds
of times, all I can tell you is it uncannily true.
5.  It's a 12-14 (16-18 for you 55 alive people) hour drive from Portland
to San Francisco via the I-5 freeway.
6. Our railroads don't do much passenger traffic, just lots and lots and
lots of freight.
7.  Flying just sucks these days.  No point in the hassle if you don't
HAVE to.  I'm driving up from Texas. Why?  Cheaper, more fun, much more
beautiful, I get to stop and play shows, visit friends, make money,
advertise, etc...
8.  Being trapped in a car for hours on end with another looper is a great
way to make a new life-long buddy.
9.  I loved driving in Europe.  Fascinating roads, traffic patterns, toll
freeways, utter lack of rules (which was awesome), light contact and
well..Paris.  Driving in the U.S. is fun.  Seattle is fast and aggressive,
Portland is bogged down and annoying, the I-5 corridor from the
Oregon/California border is basically a giant drag stip of traffic trying
to not get a ticket whilst barreling along at 90 miles an hour.  San
Francisco is either a mind-numbing crawl during each of the 3 hour
rush-hours or a "tourists stay out of the left-lane" sprint that would
make the drives in Monte Carlo white knuckle it as some soccer mom is
sniffing your tailpipe in her brand new Escalade full of kids while she's
texting and sucking down a Carmel-soy-double-whip-mocachino at speeds that
only Germans would laugh it.  L.A. is like the fast past of S.F., except
you're traveling 7 miles per hour. As long as it isn't smoggy, the weather
is so beautiful you don't even mind it for a day or two.
10.  What was I going on about?


On Fri, January 31, 2014 7:50 am, Teddyjam.com wrote:
> ; (
> The oil companies bought and crippled our railroads 100 years ago...
> Still, there's always a way to get there.
> Teddy
> http://teddyjam.com
> On Jan 31, 2014, at 6:45 AM, Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I guess the
>> land is just too wide and tax payers too badly motivated for a decent
>> community based transportation system to ever emerge in the US. ;-)
>> Greetings from Sweden
>> Per

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