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Well since my first looping experiments were c1971 with a pair of Akai 4000D reel2reel machines (if they'd been Revoxes, maybe I could've called it 'Drappertronics' :), I have to say not a great deal. I'd played in a Beatles/Stones/Chuck Berry etc covers band whilst still at school, done a bit of folk/blues (Davy Graham/Renbourn/Jansch etc) at university, then it was off into the weird-s**t zone. But before REALLY starting looping, with early digital stuff (Arion DDS-4/Digitech 'Time Machine'), I was involved in improvised music & the London Musicians' Collective (LMC), then Ivory Coasters, a proto-African dance band - hilife, soukous, benga - a Sierra Leonian hilife band (Supercombo), & a couple of others, before discovering the possibilities of creating 2-part soukous canons on the DDS-4. The rest, as they say, is (mostly obscure) history; I went back to my LMC roots, but multi-layeredly.
Been a long road ...
Dave Draper

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