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FS: Moog Signature Series Etherwave Theremin - $400 US

I'm selling my original Moog Signature Series Etherwave Theremin. These
were discontinued in 2004. It is signed by Bob Moog and in excellent
shape. Original US Moog power supply included.

Pictures of actual unit and more info at: http://daedsound.com/Salez/FS.htm

Price is $400 US.

Given Etherwaves sell for this with some folks asking another $200 for the
signature of Robert Moog I think this is very fair. Big City has one
listed for $669.00
http://bigcitymusic.com/moog-Etherwave-Signature-Theremin. I'd rather this
went to a nice home and list member who will use it and maybe get some
enjoyment that Dr. Moog had his hands on it.

I prefer USPS MO, bank transfer, or pickup in Philadelphia and I'm also
listing it locally. if shipped buyer pays actual shipping and fees. If I
know you or we've dealt before I *might* consider paypal personal with
some caveats but I really would rather not have anything to do with
paypal. Simply put, if you make the sale simple and quick w/out paypal
you'll have a better shot of closing the deal and getting this beauty.

I have about 20 years of references. Feel free to ask any questions.



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