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I was for many years working as a solo guitarist doing my spin on stylings of many instrumental guitarist/composers from the 70-90's with the most influence from the late Michael Hedges.

As the millinium rolled in to view I began to want to stretch and experiment more feeling the acoustic community I had embraced that I was or it was in need of a rest.  I began working with two drummer friends around this time initially taking some of my pieces and working in their beats and then it evolved in to it's own thing.

Through a total fluke virtual meeting that came to checking out Loopers-Delight website which I was drawn to exploring the idea of using more effects in what I was doing and initially having little knowledge of looping other than I found the site.  I started reading through member profiles and clicked on a guy named Daryl Shawn who was living in Mexico and working with analog cassette tape.  I wrote to him and a thread began.

Daryl introduced me to NinJam and because of that I got to take part in the 2006 Y2K Live International Looping Festival being part of 'field' performers jamming with the actual stage performers at Loopfest.  On a Sunday afternoon that October I played in a segment from my Brooklyn apartment with Per Boysen in Sweden and Rainer Straschill in Germany and a couple of other people out in Santa Cruz at the event.  I recall at the end of that I went outside and felt I had been part of something that was one of the most amazing musical events I had the pleasure to be part of.

Daryl and I began doing NinJams just about every weekend for 8 months that winter and then officially met when he came out to New York that summer.  It was out of that time that our duo Chinapainting was born.  We got together a couple of times from then to 2009 doing small groups of shows on both coasts of which took us to Y2K each of those years.

During all this I began to experiment with more instruments and stumbling my way through various hardware and software loopers.  Of those I've had the most run from Jeff's Mobius and recently Tristan Zand's iOS Loopr.

These days I'm playing mostly violin having a penchit for cheap Chinese colorful electric models.  I'm mainly using iOS based effects on an iPad.  I do a lot of music online with the Sound-In was ImprovFriday community and this winter at the invite of two NY area musicians who I met online have been working in a trio we have titled RGB Hex which we plan to take live this late winter/spring.


jimgoodin.com - 'Acoustic guitar renaissance, color blue, repetitive minimalism'
The Recordings of Wood and Wire Music - 'Organically inspired New Music'
From Brooklyn To Glindran, a new World/Free Jazz recording by Jim Goodin & Peter Thörn.  Proceeds from this CD will benefit JDRF International

Tips Across the Waters, a new app for iOS from James Goodin/Wood and Wire Ware.