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Re: Trey Anastasio loops and explains his setup

I love "Once." 

I'd like that and "Twice," and "Fours"  [time(s)]


"1/4," "1/2," & and "Whole" [measures] 

"1," "2," & "4" [measures] 

in a 3x3 grid


"Knowing your gear is most important." I wish I could prioritize that way… new possibilities always seem to win out and I get nothing done. (But it'll be sweet once I do! :)

(Yes, I know that "'Whole' [measures] and "'1' [measures]" are the same but I say go for instinctive placement and let the user alter whatever they want.")


On Feb 12, 2014, at 8:22 AM, daniel wrote:

i love this. gotta watch part 1, too!!