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Re: Echoplex Digital Pro Plus

hi Claudio,
it's a different loop architecture altogether.

The different loops don't all play at the same time, but
you can copy from one loop to another.
( see the manual )

So, right now you're thinking that's complicated and restricting ;-)
...and not what you want.

The advantage is that at any time you have much easier control of the
combined mix of sounds. There are plenty of things you can do with that,
but you're going to have to discover them.
(e.g. changing length of loop, using the feedback control to sculpt the 

Easiest way to start is to set
Then you can work on loop1 till it's good.
Copy to loop 2 and work on that till it's unrecognisable.
Then...switch back to loop1....do it again.

To get the sort of effect you'd have with loops that
all play at the same time takes a bit of working out...

For instance

you'd record underlying loop 1
copy that to loop 2 while adding an overdub(2).
Go back to loop1 and add a different overdub(3).

Then you're able switch between loops 1 & 2,
which sounds exactly the same as
recording 3 different loops, with one running all the time,
while also switching between loop 2 & 3

good luck,

On 16/02/2014 23:18, Claudio Pianini wrote:
Hi there,

I recently got a Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Plus. I was wondering if I could 
record 4 different loops/overdubs (1,2,3 & 4) and switch loop/overdub  2 
and/or 3 off selectively?