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Re: Echoplex Digital Pro Plus

"I was wondering if I could record 4 different loops/overdubs (1,2,3 & 4) and switch loop/overdub  2 and/or 3 off selectively?"

What Christopher, Philip, and Andy have said: you cannot record or edit more than one track at a time without additional EDP's.  Any of sixteen tracks can be copied on the fly though, altered as it is being copied in many ways, and switched at will.  (As said, you can record your four loops and switch between them at will, just as a CD or an eight track tape.)

Each EDP has up to sixteen tracks, edited independently.  You can edit and copy any of these tracks at any time, and undo edits of any track at any time.  As Andy points out, start with two tracks—you can do a lot by lengthening, shortening, overdubbing, replacing, substituting, and inserting before, while, or after copying between the tracks.

In theory, EDP's can also be synchronized.  If you want to loop in stereo—i.e., have two tracks playing simultaneously—you will need two, synchronized EDP's (or a Looperlative LP1).  If quadrophonic, four, synchronized EDP's.  Etc.  You could edit any EDP's track independently of the others, or in groups.  If you go this route, you will need to get a MIDI controller or custom footswitch, or to grow more feet.

There's a steep learning curve—mostly due to the EDP's unusual concept—and Kim's 310 pp. manual, but it will all make sense.