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Re: LP1 firmware is now open-sourced

Yup, that's the one.
Except it's an "ICEBear Light".

ok, let's have a look in the box,

1)download instructions for flash programmer software, (runs on "Windows")

2)link for manual and support.

3) USB cable

4) usb device that presumably plugs into a socket within the LP1

I'd be nervous that using this would actually improve my
chances of turning LP1 into a brick.
(will have a better look in a couple of days though)

On the LP1 vers2 front all I've heard is that
it wouldn't run on Linux, ( in order to
remove stability issues)


On 25/02/2014 19:45, cpr@musetrap.com wrote:
regarding the 'hackfin' device, I found a device called the 'ICEbear JTAG 
adapter' which is for working with the Blackfin processor (which I believe 
is the processor the LP1 uses), and the guy who sells it has the email 
name 'hackfin'. is that it?