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Re: AW: wikipedia page on livelooping

It was bad, but indeed it's now terrible.

Only one link that's non-artist.
Very poor link reference to a newspaper article about
a young amateur musician called
David Devereux

Here's the entire looping content

"David’s been mastering the art of live looping which is the recording and playback of looped 
audio samples in real-time which he does by use of a foot pedal. His set list has included The Who, Daft 
Punk, famous film tunes as well as his own material: “There are many people who do it, but not with 
a bass guitar which is the unique selling point of what I’m doing.”

Can we find something better than that at least.
It's just a stupid "celebrate the nice young student" article from a local 

I think Matt Grob did a lot of the original page, indeed without reference 
to Wiklipedia guidelines.

..and basically there's a history of self promotion in the added links.

Here's where most of the deletions happened:-


a user called SummerPhD

Basically they took out links to info....not actually helpful to anyone
but in line with Wikipedia policies.

It's 'supposed' to have articles which are informative and have that 
information referenced.

I'm not sure what counts as a valid reference, but that is something we'd 
need to respect if we want to make realistic edits.


On 24/03/2014 07:04, Michael Peters wrote:
Some guy or admin decided to decimate the wikipedia page on livelooping. I
tried to undo his changes but with no success, says there needs to be more

does anyone have a copy of the previous content?

anyway what Andy Butler said years ago still holds: