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Re: "Repetition defines music"

soory if I do not read all of this thread and say something anyway:

I see no need to define "music"

but I find very interesting to think about the function of repetition in 

the only philosopher who wrote about it is 
and his aspect is a bit different from ours
in 2003 I wrote a text about the Old and the New, supposedly to become 
part of the article which then turned into the livelooping.org site. since 
there was enough new stuff anyway and no one was interested in philosophy, 
I did not publish it yet and do not really know where to go with it. 
but its trivial to observe that everything eventually becomes repeated 
(since the whole universe and material is built on waves - TAO) - but 
never quite the same. thats why our symbol and many mystic power symbols 
are the SPIRAL
we need the Old to feel secure and the New to not feel bored
evolution needs the New to evolve and the Old to be able to build on 
stable bases