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Steampunk Looping with an Edison Phonograph?

Hey, everyone. 

Since I've moved to a new state and old stuff is really cheap here, I 
bought an old Edison phonograph - Diamond Series from the 1920s. The cool 
part is that it is crank wind-up motor powered, so no electricity!

However, you can also change the speed of the turntable, adjust the 
volume, and so forth, so the thing is more flexible in function than I had 
suspected at first. The motor still works, the turntable spins quietly and 
on the level, and all of the controls operate, too. 

I tried playing one of the old records, but the old needle is completely 
shot, but I want to try to experiment using alternatives to the needle to 
produce sound. The old Edison records reproduced sound by up and down 
vibration movement, but if I somehow put a modern stylus on there, I think 
I could have a lot of fun. Or, who knows what else I could slap on there 
to make music. 

I've been really intrigued by the whole steampunk style, and wondering 
what steampunk music might be like. Maybe this is a step towards figuring 
that out.

Peace and adventure,
Michael Carlson