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Re: Echoloop Stutter MIDI

On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 3:59 PM, mark francombe <markfrancombe@gmail.com> 
> Must say
> getting The BPM readout is a Nice bonus...

Yes, that's super! My hangs happen when I feed MIDI clock into the
Gordius and also use tempo intensive patches (like for example that
Delay function to "quanitse" outgoing commands). I can't complain
though, since I regularly don't do that.

For an upcoming row of church concerts I will run MIDI Clock out from
the Gordius to have the AxeFx delays follow the Gordius master clock
(only to avoid the quirky tape delay noise sound when shifting preset
and delays in the new preset happens to be starting out at a different
BPM and starts catching up for a horribly noisy second - not very nice
in a church if playing mellow music) - but except from those few gig's
"church rig" I typically use Mobius on a USB connected laptop as the
sync master and the Gordius totally free from any timing input, only
running one USB cable output to the Mobius laptop and one regular MIDI
cable output to the AxeFx. Midi clock in this (Mobius) rig goes only
from the laptop into the AxeFx through a second USB cable. In case I
play without having started a loop in Mobius (= no MIDI Clock tempo
sent out) I still have the Gordius switch that sends a Tap Tempo MIDI
event into the AxeFx (but making a silent loo of one or two bar is a
way better method to dive tempo to a rack of effects compared to
regular tap tempo. I tried to talk the Fractal Audio guys into picking
up this paradigm too but they didnt' seem to agree on the awesomeness
- loopists still are a minority). Both  the church rig and the Mobius
rig are very quick and simple to set up; just pop in the cables and
connect power.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen