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Re: EDP Midi out Ticking noise

I reckon that either the Slicer or the M9 is the culprit.
Try removing each in turn.

It's possible that either of those does this even if it's
not actually broken, I've heard midi clock get into
the audio on a synced device before.
( that was a Lexicon MPX100 )
If it's a fault in the unit, then I bet it's hard to find!
...try a replacement unit if possible

It may be some patches does this and some don't, you just need to fault
find which device is the culprit and then you can sus that out.

(of course, if the EDP does this when it's on it's on it's the EDP,
 it would be a novel fault that I haven't heard of before)


I don't know if it could be some kind of earthing problem tho.
If you've got a midi thru box try that in the midi clock connections.


On 19/04/2014 18:01, phillip wilson wrote:
  Hi all,

I have just finished my new setup for some upcoming shows... I've got mu 
guitar going directly into a midi syncd boss slicer, then into a Midi 
clocked Line 6 M9 then into the EDP.... the problem is...

once the EDP begins to send midi clock out to the slicer and M9 I can here audiable 
"ticks" in the audio line.

this is very unexpected and of course, pretty bad if I cant get it upder 
control before the shows.... HELP !!!


Phill MyOneManBand