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Re: New York - ISSUE Project Room 23rd & 28th of April

On 22/04/2014 05:17, Stefan Tiedje wrote:
Am 21.04.14 05:02, schrieb andy butler:
well, hilbert transformation isn't really frequency shifting...;-)
I don't know of any hardware device which does it, but maybe I'm

thanks for this info, is it a digital or an analog device?
Does it actually allow to use a second input as modulator instead of
just modulating with a sine wave?

The EH Ring Thing is 100% digital as far as I know.
It does have the second input, and I checked it
works with single side band modulator.

That is basically what I am doing at
ISUUE Project Room...
As long as the two instruments play unison, they produce the same pitch,

i don't think so, difference tone will be zero.

...ah..but the different harmonics will interact :-)

then if they play narrow intervals, the will produce a very low
which is actually harmonic, as the ratios are harmonic...

cool :-)

do filter the higher partials though...

yeah, I'd also think about compression on at least one input.
(because the dynamics will be multiplied together)