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OT: NYC/NJ Loopers - Show @ShapeShifter in Brooklyn - May 13th (7pm/$5)

Hi all,

I have an up-and-coming show with Jay Dickson (UK) at ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn, NYC on May 13th) -  $5 in. I hope you locals can make it down!

Starts at 7pm. Details are here and below:

Act 1: Jeff Thompson – set length – approx. 40 minutes.

Instrumentation: Single-string guitar / Amplifier/ Max/MSP

Jeff Thompson is an artist, musician, programmer, maker, and teacher based in New Jersey, USA.


Act 2: Ricky Graham & Jay Dickson (N.Ireland) – set length – approx. 40 minutes.

Instrumentation: Guitar / Amplifier / Live Drum Kit

Jay Dickson  is a drummer/percussionist from Derry, Northern Ireland.
Ricky Graham (signalsundertests) is a guitarist and producer based in Hoboken, NJ, originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The Northern Irish duo have been writing post-rock, metal, and experimental music together since 2006.


Act 3: Maria Chavez (Headliner) – set length – approx. 40 minutes.

Instrumentation: Turntables (DJ)
Born in Lima, Peru, Maria Chavez is mainly recognized in the art community as an improviser, sound artist and curator.

Her sound installations, visual objects and live turntable performances focus on the values of accidents and it’s unique, complicated possibilities with sound emitting machinery like the turntable.

Influenced by improvisation in contemporary art, her work expands outside of the sound world straddling different disciplines of interest. This year, Chavez wrote and illustrated her first book object entitled, Of Technique: Chance Procedures on Turntable. The book serves as a how-to manual for those interested in learning the abstract turntablism techniques that she developed with the turntable. “While the contents of the book serve a practical means, the book as a whole is intended to be an interactive art piece.”


More info: