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Möbius midi and general software question

So I've got another question for you Möbius/Live types.  I'm running Möbius in Live and am coming in to the whole thing through a presonus fire studios mobile.  I'm controlling midi with a FCB 1010 with the midi into the presonus.  All of my commands from the FCB are midi notes.

I'm laying that all out so maybe one of you can help with an oddity.  My Live project has about ten tracks, three of which are separate tracks out of Möbius.

So my problem is that when I start playing and looping in möbius I get about two passes through the set up (track one, record loop, track two, record and so on to overdubs) but soon thereafter, everything gets confused and my track advance commands don't work and very other midi control is delayed and implemented sometimes and sometimes not.

Anyone got any suggestions are what might be going on?

Oh yeah, and a global reset clears the problems for a bit until it clogs up again.

Thanks as always.


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