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Re: "Repetition defines music"

Okay, so this is an old thread by now, but how about this?…

Music is art related to sound…

• This could be sound heard through the air

• sound heard internally within one's consciousness

• the absence of sound

Music is the art related to this sound. The art arises from this sound.

• the art may be viewed strictly based on sound through the air (I.E. 
based on the organization or lack thereof of aural sound)

• the art can also blossom from one's perceived internal sound or from 
complete silence)

In any case, music is art related to the concept of sound…


Cara :)
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On Mar 26, 2014, at 12:45 PM, In Mobile <in-mobile@laposte.net> wrote:

I'll add:
Ultimately, any definition will be discarded as unreliable. While Leon 
Theremin introduced dancing about music, talking about it is blah blah 
You know.

So basically: music is a statement. It is so when you say so.
And that's it.