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Looking for the following solution

minimum 2 x 1/4 inch inputs, more is better
3 band or more , preferably sweepable EQs on each channel
ideally notch filter for feedback
can take a range of pickups such as piezo, magnetic, also Schertler Stat V violin pickup
effects loop, for effects, looper etc
tuner out, built in tuner would be great
acts as DI also with XLR out but also has 1/4 inch out [at least one] to go to an amp or a FRFR powered speaker such as Atomic CLR

a really nice compressor would be great also [something along the lines of FMR Audio's ARC unit]

>From my research potential options with some but not all features include Baggs Venue, Radial tonebone PZ plus, 

I just saw another one Atomicguitars.com AP10 mark II - anyone know anything about this?

Wondering if there are any solutions I don't yet know about. Sound needs to be pristine, quiet, transparent, plenty of headroom. I'll be playing everything from folk to jazz to rock, both violins and steel and nylon acoustic guitars etc