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Re: "Repetition defines music"

On 12/05/2014 20:48, Michał Wiernowolski wrote:
Okay, so this is an old thread by now, but how about this?…

Music is art related to sound…

• This could be sound heard through the air

• sound heard internally within one's consciousness

• the absence of sound

No, silence is not sound.
Music is sound.
Sound that have been composed and performed. (..)

Well, I'm currently having a go at writing a program generating Terry Riley's "in C". I debug the program without listening to the actual output (a midi file) but look at dumps and analysis of this output file.
It's a bit like looking in the matrix ;=)

I am not able read a staff (that would be the "sound heard internally within one's consciousness") but I can compare numbers and have an idea of the music beeing generated.
So is this music with the absence of sound?