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Re: Boomerang survey - please respond

On 18/05/2014 16:12, Mark Hamburg wrote:
The Boomerang III (absent the SideCar) doesn't have a dedicated stack button. Stack is 
one of the > > functions you can assign to the dual (tap v hold) buttons. So, at 
button press time the Boomerang > >  III might not know whether the loop was 
being closed or not.


Well maybe that's not such a problem.

With the factory default set up
tap Yellow = erase loop
hold yellow = stack

In that case
just need to end the recording and and start stacking
as soon as the Yellow is pushed down.

Then when switch is released quickly, do erase,
otherwise do nothing.

If you're going to erase a loop it hardly matters
if you did a short overdub you're never going to hear.

Depending on how functions can be assigned to the Bonus buttons
( I didn't fully review) there's no doubt more to work out,
but in general there's many cases that a shortpress function
can be started right away on the downpress.

In "Rang World" it does seem that the first choice would
be to hit "Stack" before Recording so that ending the rec took
you into stack.
...but the Erase functionality seems to have already grabbed the
button for that.

hope that's useful