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Re: Boomerang survey - please respond

>The one other big issue for me is that I want an option when working in 
>any of the sync modes to >have loop lengths synced without having to sync 
>the point at which recording starts. For >example, if I record a base 
>cycle into loop 3 and then want to record a possibly longer layer >into 
>one of the other loops, then I want to be able to start recording 
>immediately without >having to wait for loop 3 to come back around. The 
>loop logic just needs to know that I started >recording partway through 
>the loop. Start and/or stop might still be synced to loop 3’s cycle 
>>boundaries — I haven’t worked through that as deeply — but if the 
>natural point to begin the >layer doesn’t come on the downbeat, I should 
>be able to do that.

If you plan to stop and restart loops created like this I think there 
could be problems since the system doesn't know your musical intentions. 
Suppose you had a loop 3 and another loop with a length of multiple loop 
3's. Then you start and end the recording of another loop at some 
arbitrary point relative to the first two loops. This would seem fine as 
long as you never stopped any of the loops. But if you did stop some or 
all of them how would the system know where to start them again?

There may be an answer to that but in the meantime here are a couple of 
workarounds that might help:

1- Begin recording loop 3.
   End loop 3 by pressing loop 1.
   End recording of loop 1 and begin recording loop 2 by pressing loop 2.
   At the next restart of loop 3 loop 1 will begin playing back and loop 2 
will be recording.

2- Use a MIDI clock and the "Free" style. I think this would allow you to 
start/end recording or playback of up to 4 loops at the nearest 1/4 note 
regardless of the loop lengths. I need to try this to be sure but I think 
it might work. Obviously the player would then be responsible for 
restarting stopped loops at the appropriate times.