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Re: FCB 1010 Question

The FCB1010 can indeed send notes and cc messages at the same time.
To determine whether this is the problem or not, you can deactivate every 
midi-function but the note-function.
As far as I remember it works like this:

1. Perform a long press on the DOWN/ESCAPE button to go to the 
configuration menu.
2. Press UP/ENTER
3. Now you should be able to turn the functions on or off with a long 
press on the related button. The LEDs indicate whether a function is 
activated. The note function you want to keep activated is assigned to 
button 10. Accordingly the LED beneath button nr. 10 is the only one, 
which should remain on.

Hope this is helpful and I made no mistake. I also had a lot of problems 
when I started using the Mobius + FCB1010 combination some while ago. 
Didn't knew anything about the midi-protocol as well. I helped myself 
printing out all the manuals and information about MIDI I could find on 
the internet and briefly study it whenever possible.


> So I keep having trouble with Möbius getting seriously confused the 
> longer I play and I think I may have found the culprit though I'm not 
> quite seeing how to solve it.  I'm using the FCB to control möbius via 
> notes but the FCB also sends a control value along with the second press 
> of the button.  These values seem to be set but the cc number changes 
> each time (I.e. all sound off 37, the next time it will be all sound off 
> 25 and so on).  It looks like the Behringer will always send a cc along 
> with the note but I'm not finding where I can determine what note it may 
> be (I'd at least like to send it something useless rather than the mess 
> it sending now).
> The upshot of all this is möbius is getting very confused and I would 
> like to remedy that.  Any suggestions gratefully accepted.
> Thanks,
> Kevin
> -- 
> Till now you seriously considered yourself to be the body and to have a
> form. That is the primal ignorance which is the root cause of all 
> trouble.
> - Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950)