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FCB 1010 Question

So I keep having trouble with Möbius getting seriously confused the longer I play and I think I may have found the culprit though I'm not quite seeing how to solve it.  I'm using the FCB to control möbius via notes but the FCB also sends a control value along with the second press of the button.  These values seem to be set but the cc number changes each time (I.e. all sound off 37, the next time it will be all sound off 25 and so on).  It looks like the Behringer will always send a cc along with the note but I'm not finding where I can determine what note it may be (I'd at least like to send it something useless rather than the mess it sending now).

The upshot of all this is möbius is getting very confused and I would like to remedy that.  Any suggestions gratefully accepted.



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