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12 step

> Latency is not an issue with the 12step, however, you should really try 
> the pads before you buy.  It feels very different from the hard clicking 
> switches you are used to and may prove too difficult of a transition.  I 
> can't play it with shoes, I never know whether or not I'm hitting the 
> pads.

 Now thats what I needed to hear :),  I think I would want to try and get 
used to it, seeing as I'd like to try looping with live mics  in the 
studio and would very much like to have a quitter solution, as it is the 
gordius buttons can be activated with just the whisper of a touch if 
needed but its harder to do than just slamming the foot down, from the 
looks of the 12 step, flat soles would be important
Thanks guys