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Re: 12 step

Can adjust pad response, which is nice.  Playing anytime soon in the city?

From: bill walker <wildbillwalker@icloud.com>

Latency is not an issue with the 12step, however, you should really try the pads before you buy.  It feels very different from the hard clicking switches you are used to and may prove too difficult of a transition.  I can't play it with shoes, I never know whether or not I'm hitting the pads.

Now thats what I needed to hear :),  I think I would want to try and get used to it, seeing as I'd like to try looping with live mics  in the studio and would very much like to have a quitter solution, as it is the gordius buttons can be activated with just the whisper of a touch if needed but its harder to do than just slamming the foot down, from the looks of the 12 step, flat soles would be important
Thanks guys