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Re: Boomerang survey - please respond

Hi Mike,
I don't think I have voting rights, I'm not a user.

Just suggesting that if may help users who are upgrading
to a 'rang if it works in the way that they expect.

Having looked at the 'rang manual, I can see that
hitting 'Stack' during record is already used for
erasing the loop. ( in default setting anyway)
So it isn't the trivial solution I imagined.

Wonder if it would be interesting to have a resource
where different button configs are documented and compared?


On 29/05/2014 18:29, Mike wrote:
     The problem we have is that we want to make the III all it can be but 
the hardware is fixed. We can, of course, design a completely new looper, 
but in the short term we want to improve it to satisfy customer's desires. 
So we have to design behavior with the current layout in mind.
     I registered your vote for "Stack button goes straight to playback with 
Stack active".

On 18-May-14 3:33 AM, andy butler wrote:

I'm quite surprised to see this discussed, a bit like re-inventing the 

Any other sensible loop device with more than one button has the option to 
a recording with a choice of switches which give the option to go smoothly
into overdub, or to go to PLayback.

What on earth is wrong about "End Recording with Stack button...go straight 
into stack"?


Mark Hamburg wrote:
On May 16, 2014, at 11:34 AM, Mike <mnelson@boomerangmusic.com> wrote:

2 tap record & play with stacking active

    While the Rang™ III can go directly from recording a loop to playing 
with stacking active, it is
currently a 3 tap process involving one of the Bonus Buttons. It goes like 
Tap loop button – recording starts
Tap Bonus button to select Stack – Stack light blinks
Tap loop button – recording concludes, playback begins and Stacking is