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An acknowledgement of ALL who have produced LIVE LOOPING FESTIVALS around the WORLD

The Parisian Live Looping Festival is One Years Old!

Thanks to Emmanuel Reveneau's vision and hard work and all of the hard work of the wonderful team he has assembled TWICE in the last year.

The International Live Looping Festiival is so much better, this year because of the dedication of Manu, Joel Gilardini, Fabio Anile and Massimo Liverani and Noah Peterson!!!!!!! We also have wonderful newbies coming soon in in France, Italy and Las Vegas.................

Not to mention:

The wonderful past work of Bernhard Wagner (Switzerland), Jana Honneger (Switzerland), Per Boysen (Sweden),Miro Mantere (Finland), Sjaak Overgauw (Belgium), Leander Reininghaus (Germany) , Andreas Willers (Germany), Michael Peters (Germany) , David Cooper Orton (England), Georgina Brett (England), Andy Butler (England), Gareth Whittock (Wales), Paul Marshall (Northern Ireland), Ricky Graham (Northern Ireland), Bill Walker (USA), Hans Lindauer (USA), Peter Koniuto (USA), Luis Angulo (Mexico/Germany), Luca Formentini (Italy), Bruno Kleinefeld (Italy), Sunao Inami (Japan), Ryusei Hattori (Japan), Hideki Nakanishi (Japan), Randold Arriola (Singapore) .

Jeez,  have I missed anyone, so far?  Please forgive me if I have.

Someone should really write this all down for the history books..................seriously! In every single grad thesis I've seen written about our movement, I've never seen an acknowledgement of ALL of the people who stuck their necks out and produced Live Looping Festivals out of the goodness of their hearts!

Our entire movement is highly dedicated to all those who have and all those who served selflessly (and frequently, namelessly) to make these event possible!

CHEERS TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!