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Re: Boomerang survey - please respond

Hi Mike, I just want to say that Im very grateful that you would take the 
time to survey the members of this list, many of who have been looping for 
well over 20 years, many of who have been designers or beta testers of 
looping products,  and many who have wished that the major manufacturers 
would pay attention to what we have to say, rather than building lowest 
common denominator products  with basic features. Kudos to Boomerang for 
striving to build a better mouse trap, like Andy, Im not a user , but 
everything you are working on makes me want to be one.

On May 31, 2014, at 9:36 AM, Mike <mnelson@boomerangmusic.com> wrote:

>       Everyone gets a vote!
>       To be clear... the yellow Bonus button has Stack and Erase 
> assigned to it from the factory.
>       Holding that button during recording queues the Stack function so 
> it will be active as soon as the new loop plays.
>       Tapping that button will cause all non playing loops to blink, 
> indicating they are candidates to be erased. Then tapping a blinking 
> loop erases that loop.
>       The user is free to swap these assignments so that Stack responds 
> to a tap and Erase responds to a hold action.
> On 31-May-14 3:37 AM, andy butler wrote:
>> Hi Mike,
>> ;-)
>> I don't think I have voting rights, I'm not a user.
>> Just suggesting that if may help users who are upgrading
>> to a 'rang if it works in the way that they expect.
>> Having looked at the 'rang manual, I can see that
>> hitting 'Stack' during record is already used for
>> erasing the loop. ( in default setting anyway)
>> So it isn't the trivial solution I imagined.
>> Wonder if it would be interesting to have a resource
>> where different button configs are documented and compared?
>> andy
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